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Non-CITES animals do not require any special permit, which makes them more affordable and quicker to process. However, they still require paperwork and for a US Fish & Wildlife inspection to be done in order to comply with American Federal laws when it comes to removing animals from the USA. Not going through their mandatory inspections is considered smuggling animals out of the USA. Rest assured, that we have all our necessary American import/export licenses and will complete all necessary paperwork to ensure the import is successful and that your animals will have legal status when entering Canada. We will also clear Canada Customs on our clients behalf.


Upcoming Import/Export Dates

USA/CANADA - March 25, 2020
USA/CANADA - June 17, 2020
USA/CANADA - July 29, 2020
USA/CANADA - August 26, 2020
USA/CANADA - September 30, 2020
USA/CANADA - October 28, 2020
USA/CANADA - November 25, 2020
USA/CANADA - December 16, 2020

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