CANADA & USA to Hamm (Germany Expo)

We import from Hamm, Germany every March, June, September & December. We export to Hamm every June and September. These would involve group imports/exports to consolidate the shipments into one, which greatly reduces the costs for our clients.

Let us handle your exports providing you with peace of mind. We will obtain the government issued health certificate and all other legal documents required as well as make the flight arrangements.

If animals are being exported to Hamm, the European recipient can simply pick up their animals at our partners booth at the expo. We can also arrange delivery to their door in most parts of Europe. We make it as simple as that!


Hamm Import/Export Dates

EU Hamm Import - March 2019
EU Hamm Import & Export - June 2019
EU Hamm Import & Export - September 2019
EU Hamm Import - December 2019

*Europe export dates are before Hamm expo and import date is after Hamm expo.

Available Animal List

We've teamed up with many breeders internationally to bring Canadians access to a range of different species.

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