Welcome to Reptile Express International

We hope you enjoy the launch of our new division – Reptile Express International where we can provide more information on our popular and reliable import & export services. We’ve been offering international services for close to a decade with thousands of animals shipped. We are the most trusted source to get your desired animals from across borders, as well as providing you a way to export to your clients in the worldwide market.

We are very experienced in the international trade scene and have excellent connections with agents across the globe. Rest assured that we can get the job done professionally, reliably and affordably.

We are always here to answer any of your questions. Please feel free to reach out to us so we can assist with your international inquiry.

Sam Fard, Owner & Founder

Upcoming Import/Export Dates

USA/CANADA - March 25, 2020
USA/CANADA - June 17, 2020
USA/CANADA - July 29, 2020
USA/CANADA - August 26, 2020
USA/CANADA - September 30, 2020
USA/CANADA - October 28, 2020
USA/CANADA - November 25, 2020
USA/CANADA - December 16, 2020

Germany - May 27, 2020 (import to Canada/USA only)
Germany - June 23, 2020 (import to Canada only)
Germany - August 2020 (import to Canada/USA only)

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